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Vanity of Vanities – all is Vanity

Life History of Our Late Rev. Fr. Anthony Mutale OSB

Family and Education
Fr Anthony Nicholas Mutale OSB was born on 27th September 1977 in Kapiri Mposhi. He’s the first-born child in a family of 12. His father’s name was Mr Abel Mutale Chimbola. The mother is Mrs Joyce Chileshe. He was baptized in Kapiri Mposhi at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in the diocese of Kabwe. He did his primary school in Kapiri Mposhi in 1986-1993 and his secondary school at Mpika Boys from 1994-1997.

He joined the Order of St. Benedict in 1998 at St Theresa of the Child Jesus Monastery, Katibunga. In 1999 he was received as a postulant in the mentioned monastery. In 2000 he was received as a novice in Tanzania at St Maurus Abbey Hanga, Tanzania. In 2002 he made his first vows. In the very year went to Tanzania to do philosophy at Salvatorian Institute of Philosophy and Theology. He graduated in 2005 with a bachelor degree in philosophy. From 2005-09 he did theology at the same institute and graduated with a bachelor degree.

In 2008 he made his solemn vows in Katibunga. In the very year he was ordained deacon by Rt Rev Telesphore Mkude of the Diocese of Morogoro – Tanzania. In August 2009 he was ordained a priest by Rt. Rev. Bishop Ignatius Chama of Mpika, here in Katibunga.

1. He was once our sub prior – that is vice superior.
2. He was the parish priest of Christ the king – Katibunga from 2010- 2014.
3. He also worked as a vocations’ director for 4 years.
4. He was once the in charge of cowshed department.
5. He was also the in charge of Katibunga Benedictine Milling (KBM), a work which he did up to the day of his death.

Fr Anthony has left us the legacy of humility. He was very social to everyone and he led a very simple life.

His death
On Monday around 05:30 hrs we saw that he was very sick though we had not heard any complaint from him before, apart from blood pressure which he has been with for years. We rushed him to Chilonga Mission Hospital but unfortunately the doctor informed us shortly afterwards that Fr Anthony has gone to his creator.

We give thanks to the whole entire management of Chilonga Mission Hospital for their readiness to service and rescue the life of late Fr Anthony Mutale OSB. However, the Lord has loved most and called him at around 09:30hrs on 5th May 2022 at Chilonga Mission Hospital. May his soul rest in the eternal peace of the risen Lord.

Katibunga, 5th May 2022
Prior Fr Bernard Mwanza OSB
and the community of St Therese of the Child Jesus Monastery