Directory of OSB Congregations

Monastic Congregations that Constitute the Benedictine Confederation

The Benedictine Confederation consists of the following 19 Congregations, listed in the traditional order of precedence.

  1. Subiaco Cassinese Congregation
  2. English Congregation
  3. Hungarian Congregation
  4. Swiss Congregation
  5. Austrian Congregation
  6. Bavarian Congregation
  7. Brazilian Congregation
  8. Solesmes Congregation
  9. American-Cassinese Congregation
  10. Beuronese Congregation
  11. Swiss-American Congregation
  12. St. Ottilien Congregation
  13. Annunciation Congregation
  14. Slav Congregation
  15. Olivetan Congregation
  16. Vallombrosian Congregation
  17. Camaldolese Congregation
  18. Sylvestrine Congregation
  19. Cono-Sur Congregation

In addition there are several independent monasteries that belong to the Confederation without being part of a Congregation.

Benedictine Women

Monasteries of women associated with the Benedictine Confederation constitute the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum that maintains its own website and directory of member congregations.