Photo courtesy of Abbey of St. Maurus, Hanga


Today on 25 September 2023 around 7:05 p.m., during the bell of the Angel of the Lord, our heavenly Father called our beloved confrere Fr. Damian Chitanda OSB to eternal rest.

Fr. Damian Chitanda looked fine during morning hours, but around 10 am was found near his room, face-down. He was then assisted and was rushed to St. Anna Hospital Ipuli, Tabora, for checkup and treatment; however, he couldn’t recover. Two hours later, he commended his spirit to the Father.

For many years Fr. Damian lived in our simple priory, TMP Kipalapala, Tabora, as a founder and a member of that community until his final breath. He died at the age of 78, in his 54th year of professional vows.

The funeral Mass will be held on Thursday, 28 September at 10 a.m. in the Abbey Church of Saint Maurus, Hanga.

We request your prayers for his soul.

Thank you,

Abbot Octavian Massing OSB
Hanga Abbey