Photo courtesy of Saint John’s Abbey

Michael Edward Naughton, born in 1939 in Iowa, was a man dedicated to his faith and service to the Church. After excelling academically, Michael entered Saint John’s University and joined the Benedictine Order. He was ordained in 1966 and served as an associate pastor in various parishes.

Father Michael pursued studies in counseling, earning a Master’s degree in 1976. Later, he contributed to Saint John’s University as the University Chaplain and played a vital role in reorganizing Saint Augustine’s Monastery in the Bahamas in the early ’80s. In 1988, he became the director of the Liturgical Press, overseeing its expansion and receiving recognition for outstanding contributions.

After retiring in 2001, Father Michael delved into language studies and took on roles in different communities, including serving as a prior of Sant’Anselmo in Rome. He continued his involvement in music, having learned the pipe organ in high school, and remained active in the Abbey’s music program until 2014.

In his final years, Father Michael faced hearing loss but found solace in reading and daily crossword puzzles. He passed away in 2013 due to a stroke, leaving a legacy of devoted service. His funeral was held at Saint John’s Abbey, where he was interred in the Abbey Cemetery. The community celebrated his life, asking for prayers in his memory.

A much more detailed and complete obituary can be found on the abbey’s web site at the link below.