Photo : Klosteranlage in Fischingen, Kanton Thurgau, cropped | By Own work, CC0

By the grace of God I am what I am;
His gracious action on me has not been without effect.

— Vespers antiphon on the day of Fr. Benno’s death

On the feast of St. Paul’s Conversion, 25 January 2023,
the following died from the monastery of Our Lady St. Idda in Fischingen

Father Benno Wilhelm Josef Schildknecht OSB

professor and priest jubilarian, senior of the Swiss Benedictine Congregation
was called to the eternal home.

He died in his 102nd year and in the 76th year of his religious profession.

Born on 1 March 1921, and raised in Hagenwil, Fr. Benno entered Engelberg monastery in 1946. He was ordained a priest 74 years ago and then came to Fischingen as an educator. Until his old age he received visits from former pupils.

Fr. Benno was gifted in many ways. He loved languages, wrote poems, adapted plays and wrote contributions to the history of Fischingen Monastery. He was an exercise person and loved to sing. Membership in the Fischingen church choir was important to him. For years he wrote the minutes of the St. Idda Association and continued the chronicles for the association and the Benedictine community.

We sincerely thank Fr. Benno for his faithful religious life and beneficial work. With him died the last confrere who in 1982 transferred his vow of permanence from Engelberg to the re-established Fischingen monastery.

We commend Fr. Benno to the mercy of God and to your prayers.

Rest in Peace

P. Prior Gregor Brazerol and confreres
Brothers and sisters and relatives