(Below is the lightly-edited Google translation of the German text as it appears on the web site of Kremsmünster Abbey. The link to the original story follows.)

God, Lord of Life and Death, called Abbot Oddo to himself on the afternoon of January 30, 2020, at the age of 89.

We ask for prayers for our deceased confrere and for remembrance at the holy sacrifice.

Rudolf Bergmair was born, March 22, 1931, in Kremsmünster as the third of six brothers. As a child he served Mass for Fr. Norbert Schachinger, who inspired him to become a priest. From 1945 to 1951 he attended the Kremsmünster collegiate school and was clothed as Brother Oddo on August 17, 1951. In 1955 he made his solemn profession. After studying theology in Rome, he was ordained a priest on July 15, 1956. Father Oddo completed his degree in soil science in 1960 with a diploma and in 1964 he passed the state examination for higher forestry services. From 1968 to 1987, he held the position of forester. For him, the forest was always a place he liked to visit and also to relax there.

On August 6, 1982, he was elected Abbot after Abbot Albert Bruckmayr died unexpectedly. He held this office until 2007. His motto “Servus” was not only a theoretical motto, but the short description of his life: he wanted to be a servant with all his heart. Abbot Oddo was always very attached to the people of our parishes and generously supported the parishes. People in need were particularly important to him. He was always open to people in need and personally cared for many of those affected over a long period of time. With his uncomplicated and friendly nature, he treated the confreres and people with great kindness. He showed interest in others and helped wherever he could.

In 2016 he had to move to the infirmary, where he was carefully looked after by the staff in recent years. Due to the deterioration of his health, he was hospitalized a few days ago, where he died, Thursday, January 30, 2020.