Sant’Anselmo: Rome/Italy: 14 Sept 2018

Every four years the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum convenes Benedictine Women from all over the world for an international symposium at Sant’Anselmo in Rome, the headquarter of the Benedictine Confederation. The 8th International Symposium, which ended on Sept 13th 2018, looked at the topic of monastic hospitality from many different angles.

On Sept 14th elections for the leadership positions of the CIB were held. Outgoing moderatrix (leader) Sr Judith-Ann Heble was replaced by Sr Lynn McKenzie (b. 1958), member of Sacred Heart Monastery, Cullman, Alabama (USA) and president of the Benedictine Sisters of the Federation of St Scholastica, a union of 20 monasteries in the USA and Mexico. The new moderatrix is both a civil and a canon lawyer and has been in leadership for many years.