Frère Thierry (Jacques) Tribut died peacefully while waiting for his Lord on Wednesday evening, 1 August 2018.  Originally from Yonne, Jacques was born in Tronchoy on 31 December 1921. He was the eldest of a family of five, and his parents were farmers. He completed high school in Saint Jacques de Joigny, then joined the Major Seminary of Sens, where he studied for three years.

On 20 July 1943, Jacques arrived at the monastery and was received in the novitiate under the name of Frère Thierry.  He made his profession of vows on 8 September 1944, and his solemn profession on 8 September 1947.  He was ordained a priest on 31 May 1947.

Frère Thierry worked for many years in schools and religious education, returning to Pierre-qui-Vire on 1 August 2009 after 58 years of absence.  He took his place very simply and fraternally among his brothers, and as organist, he accompanied the offices. Frère Thierry was known for the grace of his smile and good words. A man of faith and deep convictions, he took great care to nourish his prayerful inner life and to attend to the needs of others.

The funeral Mass for Frère Thierry (Jacques) Tribut was celebrated on 3 August 2018, with burial in the monastery cemetery.  We commend his soul to the prayers of the Benedictine Confederation.