St Makarios Monastery

29 July 2018

Sadness and distress

With great sorrow we have learned of the murder of Bishop Epiphanios, the abbot of the St Makarios Monastery in Wadi Natrun. With great kindness of heart and with visionary generosity he received many Benedictine monks at his monastery, a cradle of monastic life and of Christian renewal.

In 2017 he led us to meet Pope Twadros II., Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox church, who welcomed the establishment of a Benedictine house in Egypt.

Our picture shows Anba Epiphanios during the Benedictine Congress of Abbots 2016 in Rome which he attended as ecumenical representative of Coptic Monasticism and of Pope Twadros.

Euge, serve bone et fidele …. You good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord!

Abbot Jeremias OSB