Dom Ángel M. (Julian) Gárate Pérez OSB was born on 22 October 1928.  He professed his monastic vows on 12 September 1945 and lived out his monastic vocation for nearly 74 years.  Dom Ángel died during the night of 26 August 2019 at age 90.

Brother Ángel M. (Julián) Gárate Pérez was born in Tejada (Burgos) on 22 October 1928. He entered as a monk in the Monastery of Valvanera (La Rioja), where he made simple profession on 12 September 1945 and perpetual profession on 15 February 1951, solemnizing it on 15 December 1968. Dom Ángel worked at Valvanera as subprior, also performing maintenance work and being responsible for the hydroelectric power plant, serving as driver and also as mechanic for the community’s vehicles.  From 1947-48 he resided at Montserrat, where he worked in the Basilica sacristy, and celebrated the enthronement of the image of the Virgin of Montserrat.

In 2016, he transferred his stability to Montserrat from the Monastery of Valvanera (La Rioja), in view of that monastery’s suppression.

“He was a hardworking man, with a great sense of practical things, and very competent in the techniques of his work; humble, discreet, effective and with a very fine sense of humor. He was sensible when he had to comment on things and people. He was a great lover of nature, ”said Abbot Josep M. Soler OSB during the homily of the Funeral Mass.  At the age of 80 when his health began to weaken and his memory began gradually to deteriorate, Dom Ángel became more in need of the monastery’s infirmary care, where he eventually resided during the last three years of his life.  In his last days, next to his bed, “an image of Our Lady of Valvanera was constantly illuminated by a lamp for silent prayer, so that the Holy Image that had accompanied him from his first monastic steps, now would accompany the conclusion of his earthly life, ”concluded Abbot Josep in his homily.

We commend the peaceful repose of Dom Ángel M. Gárate Pérez OSB to the prayers of the Benedictine Confederation.