Photos courtesy of Kloster Einsiedeln

Fr. Remigius (Rembert) Lacher Lacher von Glarus
died in the early morning of 24 January during the Octave of St. Meinrad, in Einsiedeln Hospital.

P. Remigius saw the light of day on 17 July 1930. After elementary school in Glarus and the monastery school in Näfels, he attended the monastery school in Einsiedeln. He entered the monastery and made his temporary profession in 1953 and his perpetual profession in 1956. He was ordained priest on 8 June 1957.

For more than 40 years Fr. Remigius was active in the pastoral care of parishes in Einsiedeln and Gross. He remains unforgotten as a humorous and original religion teacher.

Fr. Remigius died in the 93rd year of his life and in the 70th year of his ordination.

Einsiedeln, 24 January 2023
Abbot Urban, Community and Relatives