Frater Alois Wandelage OSB

On Sunday, 17 April 2022, the Solemnity of the Resurrection of Our Lord, it pleased the Almighty Father to call his humble servant Frater Alois Nathanael Wandelage OSB, to his eternal home.

Bro. Alois was born on 22 June 1953, in Kifanya Parish in the Diocese of Njombe.  He was baptized the very same year and was named Nathanael. On 20 July 1965, he was strengthened by the sacrament of Confirmation.  In his family he is the sixth of the ten children of Bonifas Wandelage and Bonifasia Samamba.

Bro. Alois started his primary education in Kifanya Primary School from 1963, then went on to Ihanga and finally completed Standard Seven at Madunda Primary School in 1968.

After his primary education he joined Hanga Monastery as an aspirant; he was given the monastic name Frater Alois OSB during his novitiate. On 11 July 1977, he made his first monastic profession and on 11 July 1983 he pronounced his solemn monastic vows.  Frater Alois was later on sent to our minor Hanga Seminary for his secondary education from 1995 to 1998. In 2002, Frater Alois thanked God for his silver jubilee and at the time his death he was in the 45th year of his monastic profession.


  • From 1977 to 1987, he was assisting in the cellarer’s office;
  • From 1988 to 1993, he was in charge of manual activities at Peramiho Major Seminary;
  • From 1993 to 1994, he was at St. Therese Monastery, Katibunga, Zambia, as a missionary;
  • And from 1999 until his death, he was working in the abbey garden, work he performed with dedication and commitment.


  • Frater Alois was very committed to observing the monastic daily routine, that is, prayer and work. For him, prayer was the wind beneath his wings and therefore he was able to fly high by the power of prayer, which enabled him so much to have the capacity to endure the long suffering caused by intestinal obstruction and complications.
  • As a friend of the youth, around 1980’s he founded a football team for the young people around Hanga village, a team named Nyota (star) and himself became the patron of the team aimed at bringing together young people instead of being idle.
  • He participated so much in the developmental activities in Hanga village, especially in road infrastructure. Mlilayoyo road to Hanga was built under his supervision; now it is the main road to Songea town from Hanga.
  • He was cherished by his fellow monks as well as Hanga villagers for his words of encouragement to those in despair; he was humble, ready to assist wherever there was a need to do so.

Frater Alois suffered severe intestinal obstructions and anemia (lack of enough blood cells) time and again. He was treated several times in Peramiho and Litembo hospitals; however, the pain and suffering kept repeating. On 28 March 2022, he felt sick once again and immediately was rushed to Peramiho Hospital where he was admitted for a health checkup and treatment. After a medical examination, he was found to have the same intestinal complications and was immediately taken to the intensive care unit for treatment. However, he could not get relief, rather, he continued complaining of his stomach and getting weaker. On 17 April 2022, the day of Lord, Easter Sunday, around 4:00 p.m., when the monks were singing evening prayers, Vespers of the Resurrection of Our Lord, our beloved Frater Alois Wandelage OSB commended his spirit into the Lord’s hands. Frater Alois suffered with the Lord, died with Him and hopefully he has risen with Him. He passed away at the age of 69 and the 45th year of monastic life. The funeral Mass was held on 20 April 2022. He was then laid to rest in the abbey cemetery.

Thank you for your prayers for his eternal peace. Amen!

20 April 2022
St. Maurus Hanga Abbey
Abbot Octavian & Community