Photo : Bishop Marian Eleganti at World Youth Day celebration, Berlin-Schöneberg, St. Matthias, cropped | By Liebermary – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

On 15 February, Pope Francis appointed a new bishop for Chur in Switzerland, and simultaneously accepted the resignation of auxiliary bishop Marian Eleganti, former abbot of St. Otmarsberg in Uznach.

The diocese of Chur announced: “Pope Francis has accepted the request for the retirement of Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti, dated 4 December 2019 (‘nunc pro tunc’, or, ‘now for then’)”. It went into effect 15 February. Auxiliary Bishop Marian Eleganti had asked Pope Francis for his retirement.

The diocese thanks the auxiliary bishop for his many years of valued and valuable service. Auxiliary Bishop Marian has been called upon for years as a bishop and pastor as well as a speaker and retreat master in Switzerland and beyond. This will continue in the years to come.