Photo : Dourgne (Tarn, Fr) Abbaye Sainte-Scholastique d’En Calcat, cropped | By Havang(nl) – Own work, CC0

“The people ran throughout that whole region and carried the sick on mats to wherever they heard Jesus was.” (Mk 6:55)

On Monday, 8 February 2021
our Brother and Abbot Emmanuel (Bruno) Roques
returned to the house of the Father.

He was 49 years old,
born in Bordeaux (Gironde) on 20 October 1971,
professed at En Calcat Abbey on 27 August 1994,
ordained priest on 8 December 2004,
elected 9th abbot of En Calcat on 15 July 2020.

The knowledge and the admirable dedication of the medical team – to whom our community is very grateful – could not conquer the illness, whose sudden deterioration the day after the Abbatial Blessing remains a mystery for us and leaves us speechless.

Brother Emmanuel held many responsibilities in our community: in the bookstore, in the workshops for ceramics and stained glass, in welcoming guests; he was novice master, cellarer, prior, and finally abbot.

He was aware of the seriousness of his heart disease before he went to hospital, and he told his Brothers that he was inwardly at peace, relying on his absolute trust in God. His love for Christ was the certainty that illuminated his life and – as he said to one of us – that made him grateful, even if he thought his life might could end shortly.

We, too, thank God for giving him to us as a Brother, and we entrust him to the mercy and tenderness of the Father. We also ask for your prayers for Brother Emmanuel’s mother and for our community in this time of trial.

— Father Prior and community
Abbey of En Calcat