Photo : Ganagobie – Tympan, cropped | By EmDee – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

On the morning of 1 January,
the Very Rev. Father Dom René-Hugues
du Trémolet de Lacheisserie

Abbot Emeritus
passed away in the Lord.

He was a professed monk
of the Abbey of Sainte-Madeleine de Marseille at Ganagobie,
he was in the 78th year of his life,
the 51st year of his profession,
and the 45th year of his priesthood.

As Father Abbot from 1997 to 2017,
he deeply rooted the community in Ganagobie.
He had great intellectual abilities.
He was both a man of contacts and a man of prayer.
We thank you for joining us in our prayer for him.

Father Abbot and the community
Abbaye Notre-Dame