Father Odo Maria (Josef) Lang
from Obererlinsbach SO
was called home to his Creator on the evening of 5 December 2020.

Father Odo was born on 30 March 1938 in Schönenwerd SO. After elementary school he attended the monastery school in Einsiedeln, which he completed in 1958 with the Matura. In the same year he entered the monastery; he made his temporary profession in 1959 and his perpetual profession in 1962. In 1963 he was ordained a priest.

Father Odo studied theology in Einsiedeln and Rome. For a short time, he taught as a teacher at the monastery school and as a professor of theology in Rome; he mainly served as teacher at the Theological School, as librarian and as cantor. He was very committed to fostering the use of the German language in the monastic liturgy.

For quite some time Father Odo had been living in the infirmary of the monastery, where he was lovingly cared for. Spiritually wide awake, he was able to immerse himself in daily, theological and other readings until shortly before he died.

P. Odo died in the 83rd year of his life and in the 62nd year of his religious profession.

Einsiedeln, 6 December 2020
Abbot Urban, the community of Einsiedeln, and the relatives of Father Odo Maria