Growing into Connectedness: Healing the History of Child Sexual Abuse

A National One-Day Conference
St Benedict’s School, Ealing Abbey
21 October 2018
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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This conference provides a space to connect and share learning from both those dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse and experienced safe guarding professionals, in order to prevent, stop and take responsibility for child abuse within our schools, churches and child organisations.

Delegates will have the opportunity to grow awareness of the core issues of child sexual abuse and

  • Be aware of the different roles and parts in a system, and find a protector role that is often missing
  • Explore how to recognise the use of rank and power that can be abusive
  • Understand how to take responsibility for preventing and stopping abuse
  • Build supportive and resilient communities

Who should attend

Educators in schools, institutes, universities and seminaries and practitioners in new and traditional monastic communities.

It is for human rights activists and politicians, as well as health- and mental-care professionals, focalisers, facilitators, and community builders, psychotherapists and organisational development practitioners.

This conference provides a space to connect and share learning around how systems like our families, churches and school might prevent, stop or take responsibility for child abuse.

Our Keynote Speaker, Prof. Fr Hans Zollner S.J., is one of the leading experts on matters of safeguarding.